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Music and Audio Recordings:

Besides all of the interesting photos and artifacts pertaining to Baldwin, our museum houses an antique Victor Victrola, lovingly restored and donated by generous members.  We also archive hundreds of antique albums that can be played upon request.  
Sound recording technology has changed through the years and we've worked to maintain an archive full of vinyl records, cassette tapes and now, digital audio files.  New contributions to the museum are always welcome or 
contact us and we can work with you to duplicate your prized historic audio memories for all to share in perpetuity.

"This Troubled Mind of Mine"

sung by Jack Guthrie


"Carolina in the Morning"

sung by Arthur Fields


"Back in the Saddle"

sung by Gene Autry


"The Star Spangled Banner"

sung by John McCormack


"Too Fat Polka"

sung by Arthur Godfrey


"Tumbling Tumbleweeds"

sung by Gene Autry


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